A central mission of the National Primate Research Centers is to support external collaborative research and access to NHP resources. The NPRC network provides a wide range of expertise in disease models, research expertise, and technical support capabilities, as well as access to a diverse array of NHP species and tissue samples. The information provided on this website is designed to assist external investigators in identifying NPRCs that provide appropriate expertise and resources to augment the expertise of collaborative scientists, and, when desired, to partner external scientists with NPRC scientists who can provide advice on the appropriate use of NHP models and assays.

Investigators who are developing research proposals that utilize NHPs are encouraged to contact the NPRC that represents the best match for the proposed research area based on the information provided on this website. Establishing linkage with an NPRC investigator is an especially valuable mechanism to pursue. The NPRCs are ready to help build these relationships.

After the initial inquiry is made, each center has processes in place to facilitate experimental design and budget planning that can enhance the chances of successful grant proposals, which typically involve a subcontract to the NPRC. Specific information on experimental design for NHP experiments can include: detailed information about specific models; species, gender, and age recommendations based upon availability; sample collection and assay advice and protocols; and statistical analyses to justify group sizes, tailored for outcomes and specific differences between groups. Investigators are encouraged to contact the NPRCs well in advance of an application deadline (generally months in advance) to allow adequate time for the NPRC to generate required information and to determine options for generating preliminary data to support the grant application.

Whether your research requires on site facilities or remote access to resources and services, the NPRCs can draw on decades of experience and a portfolio of capabilities to customize research support solutions. The NPRCs are eager to discuss your interests and needs. Please call any of the contacts listed below or forward an email to schedule a consultation.