NHP Genetics and Genomics Resources

Nonhuman Primate Genetic Variant Database
The Nonhuman Primate Genetic Variant Database currently houses around 64 million Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) contributed by researchers at participating NPRCs. Researchers can query for SNPs via chromosome and position, gene name, or SNP name. Returned SNPs can be automatically piped out to the UCSC Genome Browser as a custom track for visualization.

National Nonhuman Primate DNA Bank
The National Primate Research Centers maintain and distribute extracted DNA. Samples from contributing institutions are available centrally via a web-based request system. The available species in the DNA bank include: Callithrix jacchus, Callicebus moloch, Chlorocebus aethiops, Macaca fascicularis, Macaca fuscata, Macaca mulatta, Macaca nemestrina, Pan troglodytes, and Papio anubis.

Ancestry Informative Marker and Genetic Management Panels for Rhesus Macaque
The ancestry informative marker (AIM) and genetic management (GM) panels are curated sets of SNPs that were developed for use by the NPRCs and other macaque research colonies to genetically characterize rhesus macaques employed in biomedical research. The panels are comprised of SNPs that were chosen to be informative for identifying the geographic origin (AIM panel) or managing the genetic structure (GM panel) of rhesus macaque colonies.

Genetic Management of Nonhuman Primate Colonies
This document presents a set of recommendations to aid in making breeding decisions that complement and enhance other existing data-driven husbandry practices and goals. These recommendations are based primarily on the development and use of multigenerational pedigree information for each colony, which facilitates the calculation of genetic relationships between animals.

Publications by Genetics and Genomics Working Group Members
There are currently 286 articles published by Genetics and Genomics Working Group Members available in PubMed.