The NHP Genetic Variant Database houses Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) contributed by researchers from the Baylor College of Medicine, the New England National Primate Research Center, the Oregon National Primate Research Center, and the Genetics and Genomics Working Group, whose membership consists of representatives from all seven NPRCs. It currently houses SNPs for Rhesus Macaque, but we expect to expand the database to include Insertion and Deletion Polymorphisms (INDELS) and other species of Nonhuman Primate.

The NHP Genetic Variant Database was first released internally in 2013. At that time, it included over 17 million SNPs called against the rheMac2 reference genome. These SNPs were lifted over to the rheMac3 build when it became available. In 2017, the Baylor College of Medicine contributed over 51 million SNPs called against the rheMac8 reference genome, and the ONPRC contributed over 12 million.

Researchers can query for SNPs via chromosome and position, gene name, or SNP name. Returned SNPs can be automatically piped out to the UCSC Genome Browser as a custom track for visualization.

For most consistent results we currently recommend using the latest version of Chrome.

Access the NHP Genetic Variant Database

NHP Genetic Variant Database User Guide

For more information on the SNPs included in this database, please see:

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